How to use the app

Before registering as a new member, change the settings so that you can receive emails from "".
In addition, in the case of registration with carrier mail (softbank, docomo, au, etc.), due to the spam filter,Emails from Nexpei may not be delivered, so please use a free email (Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, etc.)We encourage you to register.

1. How to install the app


Scan the QR code below or tap each store to install.

※If it doesn't work, open the store app (App Store, Play Store) from the home screen of your smartphone and use "NEXTPAY"Please search and install.

Access via QR code

QR code

Access via App store code

* Apple, the Apple logo, and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.
* Google Pay and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.


* QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INC.

2. New member registration

Select the "NEXTPAY Ver. 3" app icon to open the app.

Select [New Member Registration], confirm the Terms of Use, and then select [Next].

Enter your "E-mail address" and input a "Password" and then select [Next].

* Please do not forget your email address and password as they will be used to log in again when you change your device.

Enter user information and tap [Confirmation Screen]. After confirming the registration details, select [Registration Complete].


3. How to apply for gift certificates

Select the [Add] button in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Tap the gift certificate you wish to apply for from the gift certificates displayed.

Phone Number Authentication. Enter the "phone number" of the cell phone with which you will receive the verification code.

Enter the 4-digit verification code received via SMS and select [Verify].

On the application screen, select the amount to be applied for, select 【Next】 confirm the details, and then select 【Apply for Lottery.】

Your application to the lottery has been completed. The results of the lottery will be notified to the application and can be viewed within the application.

4.How to purchase gift certificates

From the home screen, select [View Lottery Results] for the gift certificate you wish to purchase.

Confirm the details of the application and select [Proceed to Payment Method Information].

Payment can be made at convenience stores or by credit card. Select the icon and follow the instructions to complete the payment procedure.

Please note that the purchase amount cannot be changed.

For the third version, unlike the previous versionss, you will be asked to select the amount of money you wish to purchase at the time of application. If you win the prize, you will be required to purchase at that amount, and you will not be able to increase or decrease the amount from the amount you selected at the time of application. Please select the amount of money you wish to purchase after careful consideration.

* During the application period, it is possible to change the amount and cancel the application.

In the case of payment at a convenience store

Select the convenience store where you would like to make the payment, and follow the instructions displayed to complete the payment procedure.

Available Convenience Stores

In the case of payment by credit card

Follow the displayed instructions to enter your credit card information and complete the payment procedure.

Accepted Credit Cards

5. How to use at the store

Tell the store that you want to use "NEXTPAY". Select [Use this gift certificate] from the gift certificate displayed on the home screen.

* QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INC.

Scan the QR code in the storefront with the camera activated in the app.
* Please allow access to the camera.

Enter the payment amount and tap [Confirm Payment].

At this point, payment has not been completed.

Show this screen to the store. After the store confirms that the amount is correct, tap 【Pay】
The payment procedure is completed when you tap [Pay]. Please be sure to confirm the amount with the store.

When the payment procedure is completed, [Payment completed] will be displayed.

Using method Video


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